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Read Luke 4:1-13. Over and over, a driving instructor will say "drive ahead" This is his way of saying focus on the horizon, not your immediate surroundings. Drivers who continually look to the left or right may well go into the ditch. Satan is good at causing "roadside distractions" that tempt us to look at him rather than Jesus. If he gets our attention, he may be able to get us off track and delay our spiritual progress. He tried this with Jesus himself. After Jesus was baptized, Satan tried to deter him by suggesting "better ways" to accomplish His work. Luke 4:9-11, Jesus knew that proving He was the Son of God would come by submitting Himself to the cross, not by flinging Himself from a high building. He responded "You shall not tempt the Lord your God". Jesus had His eyes on our redemption. He knew He couldn't accomplish it by taking a detour around the cross. Fix your eyes upon Jesus. Hebrews 12:2

The only way to overcome,

Temptations that we face,

Is to focus on the Lord

Who strengthens by His grace- Sper

Satan ought not be in our line of vision, but behind us.- Leonard Sweet

To face life's many challenges

And overcome each test,

The Lord tells us to take the time,

To stop, to pray, to rest....Sper

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